Quiet, Unknown Places to Roam

The world has so much to give us, and a lot of beautiful places are overlooked. Sometimes, a person is turned off by the tourist attraction of it all. Getting back in touch with nature, freeing your mind, and feeling isolated for a little while can introduce you to so many things you didn’t know about yourself. The following places deliver just that.

Cuixmala, Mexico


This beautiful, quaint resort gives off a laid back vibe. Overlooking the pacific ocean, Cuixmala is a hidden retreat spreading over a 25,000 acre are of beach, land and lagoons. The architecture is bohemian inspired. Located right on the western coast of Mexico, Cuixmala is the perfect place to get away and ease your mind from the stress of work, school, ect.

Bahia Vik


Located in Uruguay right along lake Jose Ignacio, Bahia Vik is a relaxing destination. This luxurious resorts main focus at is very much on art, architecture and design. The owner of this resort, Alexander Vik, is a contemporary art collector and inspired this resort a lot on his art collection.

Andaz Peninusla Papagayo Resort


Located on the small Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica, this minimalist resorts gives you just what you need if you are looking for the life of luxury. It’s located on a quiet, 28-acre stretch of lush forest on the Pacific coast. Aiming for an organic look, using all natural materials, architect Ronald Zurcher did just that.

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