Music Festivals: One of the Greatest Excuses to Travel

Okay. So my favorite thing in the enttttire world is going to concerts. Seeing you’re favorite music artist live and experiencing the thrill of it with people who are all there for the same reason as you is a feeling that cannot be explained. The energy of the crowd is absolutely magical and the feeling of love and positivity in the air will leave you breathless. This past summer I experienced my very first music and camping festival. I’ve been to a million different shows and one-day festivals but i’ve never had enough money to actually go to a 3 day music festival. The pricey festival ticket itself as well as travel, food, camping supplies, and other necessities can really add up. I personally think through camping music festivals you get more of an experience than if you stayed in a hotel. It’s more of memorable experience in my opinion. Summer is coming up, and that means festival season is coming up.  In this blog, I am going to give you a few different music festivals that you should go too and why.
Electric Forest

One of the most famous music festivals in this generation, especially in the midwest. Located in Rothbury, Michigan, it’s the perfect festival to travel to since it isn’t very far from most of us in the midwest. (It’s located on the west side of the state, right on the water.) Electric forest is known for exactly what it sounds like, an electric forest. The forest is full of art and color, at night it lights up and the energy lights up as well. You won’t believe your eyes at the beauty of this place. Yoga is held every morning by the lake, during the day jam bands play, and at night big names in the electric dance music world take over the stage. Another thing that is unique about this festival is the duration is from Thursday-Sunday, there aren’t too many four day festivals. I will be attending Electric Forest this June.

Summer Set 

This one is located in Sommerset, Wisconsin. This was my very first festival I’ve ever been too and I highly recommend going to this festival in your lifetime. Sommerset is kind of in the middle of nowhere, it’s just a small town that plops a massive music festival in the middle of it every summer. This summer will be only its fourth year, but I know there will be many more to come because it was amazing when I went. There were three stages, two smaller ones and then the main stage. Most of the music was electronic based but there were a few folk bands during the day that I enjoyed. This music festival lasted Friday-Sunday and it was definitely a life changing experience.


I have never been to this festival but I have heard nothing but incredible things about it. Bonnaroo is located in Manchester, Tennessee, over a large piece of land leaving plenty of room for fun and music. With over 180 artists and bands playing every year, this event is one of the most well known festivals in North America. Bonnaroo has a wide mix of artists, ranging from Kanye West to Bassnectar.–george-washington-1


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