Traveling on a College Budget

Hello everyone! My name is Shelby Swiden and I am a photojournalism major at the best school in the world (Central Michigan University if you didn’t catch my drift). I went into this major because I absolutely love to travel. I love to see the world and experience new things. My mom would take us on all of these vacations as kids because she loved traveling herself. She actually went to school when she was my age to be a travel agent because she loved it so much. So I guess that is where I get it from.

With this blog, I am going to take you on an adventure. I’m going to show you tons of beautiful places on this earth that you should probably add to your bucket list. Now traveling out of the country, or even out of state, can get pricey. Especially on a college budget. Surprisingly, there are quite a few places on this gorgeous planet that will allow you to travel without breaking your wallet.

If you’re looking for a European voyage, Greece and Spain are two of the cheapest places to visit. With the economy not being the best over there, prices are very low and the tourism will bring in money that the country needs. Both of these countries are rich with its culture and incredible sight seeing. From the architecture to the natural beauty, these countries would be well worth paying a visit.

Tropical paradise awaits in the beautiful countries of Nepal and Costa Rica. Airfare for these two are extremely low right now. The Costa Rican Colón has fallen below the US dollar and the currency in Nepal is so low compared to the USD that you wouldn’t expect to pay more than 30 dollars a day; and that’s pushing it. These two are the perfect voyage to get away from your everyday lifestyle and take a break from everything. Embracing the beach bum lifestyle for a low cost. What could be better?

These are just a few countries that are easy to travel to under a college budget. So if you have a wanderlust like I do, take a break and explore the many mind-blowing places our planet has to offer. You’d be surprised what the earth has in store.


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